The Central Library of St. Thomas College, Bhilai celebrated World Book Day by organising four contests for the students to strengthen their bonds with the Athenaeum. The unmatched creativity of students across all disciplines was showcased in writing haiku, designing the library’s interiors, taking up the sudoku challenge and designing attractive book covers.
The administrator of the college, Father Dr. Joshi Varghese commended the initiative taken by the librarian Mrs. Ritu Biswas and reded students to benefit from the Matthew effect in vocabulary through regular reading practice. He accentuated that books serve as mirrors and hammers – reflecting and shaping society and empowering individuals to envision and strive for a more equitable world.
Chief guest of the occasion principal Dr. M.G.Roymon highlighted the importance of books providing a wealth of ideas and insights that can help students to navigate the complexities of life. He advocated that diving into a well-crafted book is not just about following a story or absorbing information; it is an active exercise in critical analysis.
The convenor of the event Mrs. Ritu Biswas articulated her concern regarding overlooking the profound impact of books on one’s life in today’s fast-paced digital age. She exhorted the students to explore within the pages for a treasure trove of wisdom, knowledge, and personal growth waiting to be unravelled.
The administrator Father Dr. Joshi Varghese and principal Dr. M.G.Roymon along with librarian Mrs. Ritu Biswas felicitated the following winners of the contests during the prize distribution ceremony.
Haiku Contest
Winner- Mr Ashik Kabir (B.Com III), First runner-up – Mr Vishva Mohan Singh (B.Com III)
and Second runner-up – Ms Shreya Singh (B.Com II) and Mr Harsh Deshlahra (B.Com III)
Library Interior Design Contest
Winner- Mr Harsh Deshlahra (B.Com III), First runner-up – Ms Riya Sara Jijy (B.Com III) and Second runner-up – Ms Mansi Sahu (B.A. II)
Sudoku Contest
Winner-Mr Samar Singh (BBA II SEM), First runner-up – Mr Ashik Kabir (B.Com III) and Second runner-up – Mr Priyanshu Ghrittanre (BBA II SEM)
Book Cover Designing Contest
Winner- Ms Anushri Kundu (B.Com II) First runner-up – Ms Mansi Sahu (B.A. II), and Second runner-up – Ms Taniya Chakraborty (M.A. English final year)