Community Service at Government Primary School Ruabandha

The  PG Department of Economics of St. Thomas College Bhilai took to “Gyan Daan”   as a Service to the Community by teaching the students of primary classes at Government Primary School Ruabandha, which is a regular practice of the Department. This service is provided, both by the Undergraduate and Post Graduate students of the Department. The students are keenly involved in the teaching of basic subjects like English, Hindi, Mathematics and Environmental Studies as per the syllabus prescribed for the class.  This is a year long process which starts from the beginning of the academic year till the end of the session.  Our undergraduate students   Sukanya Jena, Chetna Shindey, Harshita Jolhe and Divya Singh take a keen interest in this service. Through this the students are exposed not only to the curriculum of their studies but also to the realities of life. This program is progressing gracefully with the commendable cooperation of the Headmistress of the School Mrs. Sarita Mandare, Mentee Mrs. Pushpa Lata Tiwari and Mr. Nagendra Marabi. Administrator of St. Thomas College, Rev. Father Dr. Joshi Varghese and Principal Dr. M G Roymon appreciated the initiative of the Department.  Constant support and guidance is being given by Dr. Mariam Jacob Head of the Department, and the Faculties Dr. Aparna Ghosh, Dr. Kiran Bala Das, and Mrs. Bhavna Chandrakant Dewangan who monitor the activities for the smooth functioning, which is well appreciated form both the ends.