Entrepreneur Cell – Industrial Visit

The Entrepreneur Cell of St.Thomas College, Bhilai under the ageis of CITCON has organized a Industrial visit on 29/02/2020 with an objective to give practical knowledge of Entrepreneurship skill among the students of the college.

Dr.Shirish Tunk, the Director of SRT Agro science Pvt.Ltd which is located to near funda village has awared the student about organic method cultivation of crops, vegetable and fruits. He focused on the benefits of organic farming that is environmental protection, increase of biodiversity reduce energy use and carbon dioxide emission. With the various examples he stressed on efficient use of resources, how to increase in crop yields, Environmental and Bio-diversity safeguarding.

50 Students of various PG Departments were participated and member of Entrepreneur cell Dr.Aparna Ghosh, (HOD of BAJMC), Dr.Sunita Kshatriya and Dr.Rincey B.Abraham (Dept of Commerce) and Mr. Kedarnath the field manager of CITCON accompanied the visit.