Extension Activity at Government Primary School, Ruabandha under the Economic Association “THE WIZARD”

The PG Department of Economics of St. Thomas College Bhilai, organized an awareness programme at Government Primary School, Ruabandha, under its association “The Wizard”.

Encouraging people to change their perceptions and behaviors requires an approach to communication, education and awareness that goes well beyond simply posting on social media or distributing brochures. That is why the students of Economics Preferred to generate awareness among the children of the Government School rather than any model school in the town as the former come from a less privileged society. As the government schools are still deprived of the basic facilities hence under such an environment the children tend not to learn about some of the major aspects of life such as cleanliness, personal hygiene, lack of awareness regarding Good Touch & Bad Touch.

 The students of M.A Economics of our College ANNESHA SAMADDAR, PIYUSH KUMAR, SANGEETA PATHAK, SRILEKHA NIRMAL, TANU, NIMMY, POORNIMA AND KESHAV took the initiative and organised an informative yet entertaining event at the primary school.

The students illuminated the school children by tutoring them about “Environment Conservation”, “Awareness About Dengue”,” Cleanliness” and “Good and Bad Touch”, by performing a skit, showing and explaining through posters and by playing some enlightening videos. There was a question answer session towards the end of the programme. The Head Mistress and her subordinate coordinated and also appreciated the efforts of the students. The programme was made possible only by the support given by the Administrator Fr. George Mathew Ramban and the Principal Dr. M.G Roymon. The programme was organised in an successful manner through the effort of the Head Dr. Mariam Jacob and the faculty Dr. Aparna Ghosh.