International Women’s Day Celebration

The PG Department of English and Women Cell of St. Thomas College, Ruabandha, Bhilai celebrated International Women’s Day. All the students of MA English and the staff gathered on this auspicious occasion to celebrate womanhood. The Day was celebrated to mark the achievement and the recognition of women in various fields. The students of M.A.English actively participated and came forward to commemorate the day by focusing on theme for 2022, International Women’s Day “Gender equality today for a sustainable tomorrow”. Principal Dr. M.G. Roymon congratulated the Department for celebrating the International Women’s Day.  Dr. Shiny Mendonce Head, P.G Department of English accorded a warm welcome to the gathering. Dr.Sujata Koley ,(Asst Prof. P.G.Dept. of English) acknowledged the contribution of women to strengthen the society and to create a gender equal world. The special occasion was forged exceptional with the active involvement of male students. Shubhang Das (MA Sem II) stated that the world would be better place for women if the male changed their perception about women and considered them as equal. Sharing his views, Prince Abhishek (MA Sem IV) said that our goal should be to create a gender equal world and to empower women in every field of life. The thoughtful gesture illustrated by the students, reflected their positive mindset. Gaurav Kamble (MA Sem II), Bipasha Ray Sokhey (MA Sem II), Aishwarya Sahu (MA Sem II), Garvita Agarwal (MA Sem IV) and Dinkal Mahilwar (MA Sem IV) and many more students shared their narratives about their mother and the success story behind their life.

A Power Point presentation by Ms. Udayasri (Asst. Prof P.G.Dept.of English) on the topic “Indian Feminist Writers: Breaking the Glass Ceiling.” was held to discuss the contribution of Indian Feminist writers featuring Anita Desai, Arundhati Roy, Kamla Das, Sarojini Naidu and Shashi Deshpande. The presentation was enlightening for the students to recognize the iconic writers who crossed extra miles raising their voice against all the controversies and attacks directed towards them and yet they rose victorious and served as an inspiration for millions. Ms.Susan Ebison( Asst. Prof. P.G.Dept. of English) proposed Vote of Thanks.