National Webinar On Lifestyle diseases and Covid-19

The P G department of Zoology of St. Thomas College organized a National webinar on “Lifestyle diseases and Covid -19 : Possible risks, Precautions and Management during the Pandemic”, on 30th of June, 2020. The Principal of the college, Dr. M G Roymon, in his introductory speech gave light into the vulnerability of corona infection in people with life style disorders. The administrator of the college Very Reverent Father Gee Varghese Ramban welcomed the Chief guests, speakers and participants of the webinar which is being conducted online due to covid pandemic and also expressed that the topic is very relevant to the current scenario of pandemic. He also highlighted the facilities available at St. Thomas College and also the awards and accolades obtained. The chief guest of the webinar,

The chief guest of the program, Dr. Aruna Palta, Honorable Vice Chancellor of Hemchand Yadav university, Durg in her opening remark,  categorised life style diseases as non communicable diseases like Cardiovascular, Diabetes, Hyper tension, Cancer  etc. attributed to the individual’s food habits and life style besides heredity. She stressed that balanced diet,  habit of drinking plenty of water, good sleep  and along with Physical activities like exercises, Yoga and meditation will not only keep the body fit but also relieves the stress and prevents different life style diseases.

The keynote speaker His Grace, Dr. Joseph mar Dionysius, Chief Patron, The metropolitan of Calcutta diocese of Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church and the Director of St. Thomas Mission Bhilai,  pointed out that even though the Corona Pendemic has challenged the human beings of entire world there is also positive impact due to lock down in the areas of Bio diversity, control of pollution, improvement in ozone layer and decrease in the exploitation of natural resources. He made a detailed presentation on Infection biology of covid-19, impact of climate change & global warming, risk factor, adaptation and resilience for organism.

Dr. Anuji Deena John, General practitioner & sonologist, managing director of Matha Mission hospital, Kayamkulam, Kerala, in her technical session elaborated in a simple and illustrative manner the modes of transmission of the infection, Symptoms, Different types of Tests for Covid 19 infection, Various risk factors of the disease, Life style diseases & covid 19, preventive measures and lastly the Post covid management.  Ms. Nitu Bajwa Malladi NESTA certified Nutrition and fitness coach from Pune, explained the importance of healthy diet, hydration, exercise and sleep to keep the body healthy and stress free, which are very much essential to prevent the infections due  to COVID-19.

At the end of each session, the speakers answered all the questions eagerly posted by the participants and the participants rated the technical sessions as highly informative. Entire programme was coordinated by Dr. Jayasree Balasubramanian, Convener of the Webinar, and Head of the department of Zoology and vote of thanks given by Dr. Joyamma John, Co-convener of the program.