Online Workshop on Art Therapy

St. Thomas College, Department of Psychology conducted an online workshop on Art Therapy. The students of psychology attended the workshop to learn practically how art therapy a form of psychotherapy, is done. These are latest interventional techniques that use the theoretical ideas in a very contemporary healing process. The workshop on Art therapy was conducted by Mr. Indraneil Chaudhary, a Psychotherapist and Expressive Arts Therapist with the Co-Bear Collective, Delhi. He is trained in Arts Based Therapies from World Centre of Creative Learning (WCCLF) Pune. Mr. Indraneil Chaudhary used the case study method to explain the modalities of Art Therapy.  With the stress and tensions faced by all in such difficult times as today, the importance of healing processes has increased manifolds. Art therapy brings out hidden pain from the unconscious by using paper and pencil. Psychology students will benefit only when they learn the application of concepts and practically use it in counseling process. Principal Dr. M.G. Roymon appreciated the efforts taken by the department of Psychology to keep students abreast with the latest theories and even though no classroom teaching is going on. HOD, Dr. Debjani Mukherjee has planned series of online lectures and workshops for psychology students, to keep their interest on the subject alive during the lockdown. Dr. Sumita Singh, Assistant professor hosted the session and gave technical support also.