Opening of Phynics Forum “Phynics” in PG department of Physics, St. Thomas College

A virtual ceremony was organized on occasion of opening of Phynics Forum in PG department of Physics, St. Thomas College. The keynote speaker of this program was an expert in electronics and motivational speaker Mr. Nitesh Kumar Gupta, Assistant Professor, Kalyan P.G. College, Bhilai. He discussed his views on the topic “Friend Electronics” and highlighted the importance of electronics in daily life. He explained students about how to overcome the fear of electronics as a subject. He also discussed the carrier perspectives in this field. The next speaker of the session was Dr. Biplab Goswami, assistant professor, PG department of Physics, St. Thomas College. He delivered his talk on nuclear physics and shared his experience of research. Students had a very nice interaction with him about different queries regarding research careers in Physics. Principal Dr. M. G. Roymon congratulated the whole team and gave his best wishes for successful execution of this Forum. Mr. Amit Kumar Tamrakar, Incharge (Head) of the department shared his views about Astrophysics and related queries, and hoped that the forum will help students to understand concepts and to clear their doubts in Physics. In coming days this forum will organize various informative activities for students to develop and increase their knowledge in the field of physics. Hitesh Suktel and Ruchi Sen were appointed as student representative and Ayush Kosle was appointed as Technical representative of the forum. The program was conducted by Assistant Professor Mrs. Tulika Harshit and vote of thanks was proposed by Assistant Professor Rojan Joy.