P G Department of Psychology Celebrates World Health Day

P.G Dept. of Psychology and IQAC  St. Thomas College, Bhilai celebrated World Health Day. For the event students conducted Physical health and hygiene awareness in the neighboring society and went to   slums of Ruabandha, Bhilai. The P.G students of the Department distributed Masks,sanitizers and soaps to the elderly and children. The young females of the slum area were distributed healthy sprouts and protein packets.

The students also talked with  the residents spreading information of Physical fitness, cleanliness, proper use of mask, sanitizers and mandatory use of soap before meals. Importance of vaccination for infants was also explained.

The awareness regarding dengue, malaria,AIDS were spread through slogans of and posters. The slogans consisted of keeping drains and window cooler clean and proper way of disposal of trash.

Administrator of the college, Rev Father Dr. Joshy Varghese appreciated the initiative and stressed that in today’s scenario one has to be conscious about his Physical as well as Mental Health. Principal Dr. M.G. Roymon said the IQAC has to conduct such awareness programs for Physical well Being and we at St. Thomas College are always seeking ways of doing so. Dr. Debjani Mukherjee Head, P.G dept. of psychology welcomed the gathering and said every student should be aware of his health and that the true success can be achieved only if one is Physically and Mentally Fit. Faculties Dr. Ankita Deshmukh, Dr. Sumita Singh and Mr. Tanmaya Pattnaik  encouraged the students for their initiative and hard work.