Republic Day Celebration

Republic Day was celebrated in The Vandamatram Park of the College by hosting the Tricolor Flag. Principal In-charge

Dr. Vinita Thomas hoisted the flag and addressed the gathering. Dr. Thomas exhorted that every Republic Day is precious and everyday in the life of our republic is precious. This was followed by speeches by NCC Cadets and NSS volunteers Arti Kumari, Anjali Jha, Yoshita Sahu, Ayush Devangan, Bhupendra Singh and Prachi Kamle. The Patriotic Song performed a by Arti Kumari and group.  Dr. Neetu Raj Asst.  Prof. Dept of Zoology expressed her views on the occasion. She asserted all present to do designated karma with great dedication, perfection and determination and demonstrate love towards Mother India. The programme was conducted by  Deepti Santosh .