St. Thomas College, Bhilai Students Conducted programs in Govt. Primary School, Ruabandha, Bhilai

The students of Govt. Primary School, Ruabandha, Bhilai were given training on life skills and mental health by the members of Psychology department. Training on increase of memory skills, positive physical and mental health and personal hygiene were given. This work was done under the successful guidance of the Head Master of the school and his teachers. Head of the department Dr. Debjani Mukherjee, Assistant Professor Dr. Sumita Singh and Dr. Ankita  Deshmukh helped their students to carry out the program. Training was given to the students of class III to V of Government Primary School. Along with the training, stationery, food items and sanitizers were also distributed to them. The primary school students very enthusiastically participated in all events. These extension programs were also conducted under the aegis of ‘Aahan’, initiative of the 50th year celebrations of St. Thomas Mission, Bhilai.

The administrator of the college, Father Dr. Joshi Varghese appreciated the efforts taken and the Principal Dr. M.G. Royman encouraged the department to organize such awareness programmes. Faculty of the department Dr. Sumita Singh Assistant Professor and Dr. Ankita Deshmukh, Assistant Professor, accompanied the students and took the guidance sessions.