VISIT AT GOVT. SCHOOL, CHANDKHURI By Students (Psychometrician Group)

On 9th January 2023, the students of the Psychology department visited Govt. Primary School Chandkhuri were the students taught the students about good and bad touch. Personal grooming and cleaning habits were also demonstrated and the psychology students also took session on Art Therapy for the school students. Students of both school and college took part actively The program was led by departmental professors Dr. Sumita Singh, Dr. Ankita Deshmukh, Mr. Tanmay Patnaik under the guidance of Head of the Department of Psychology, Dr. Debjani Mukherjee. In which departmental students were engaged in various activities. PGC student Suman Sahu, informed the students about good touch, bad touch, mental health, A poetry was delivered by Ravi Kumar Deshmukh of 2nd Semester and the importance of Chhattisgarh state song was also delivered by him. Deepak Chandak of 4th semester, told the children about Dhyana Mudra. Stationery and art therapy were taught by Kiron Roy, Oorja Parwana and Shubham Kumar of 2nd Semester.
Administrative Officer of the College Dr. Father Joshi Varghese appreciated the effort of the department, Principal Dr. M. G. Royman encouraged the department to engage in more activities like this and the program .